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Storied: San Francisco

Aug 31, 2021

Mike Evans, Jr., is a funny guy.

In this podcast, the young comedian traces his family history back to his parents, who were both born in San Francisco and met here. They raised Mike and his two older sisters in Diamond Heights as long as they could before moving to Vallejo for more space. But the family still commuted back to work in The City and brought their young son with them to go to school here.

Mike stayed in San Francisco public schools as long as he could. When his cover of not living in The City was blown, his parents got him into Leadership High School—a charter school focused on social justice.

He shares the experience of being young and going through a racial identity crisis around how he talks. But talking ended up being central to Mike's life. He wound up on the speech and debate teams at SF State.

Mike talks about various sports he played—baseball, football, and basketball—and how he kept up with baseball to impress a girl he was crushing on.

We end Part 1 talking about how Mike got started "performing," something else he owes to his parents.

Mike will be one of the comedians at our live event next week: We're Still Here. Details coming soon.

Please join us for Part 2 with Mike Evans, Jr., this Thursday. Shout out to Larry Dorsey, Jr. (Part 1 / Part 2), for connecting us with Mike.

We recorded this podcast in Mike's home in August 2021.