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Storied: San Francisco

Jun 5, 2018

Entertainment lawyer Michael Aczon has music running through his veins.

In this podcast, Michael will talk about his father's arrival in San Francisco in 1931 (including, he later found out, lots of time at the International Hotel), his family's return to San Francisco in the 1960s, growing up in the Bayview, and learning to navigate the city on Muni and his bicycle. He and his friend Marcos once rode their bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin, where Michael saw  "separated houses" for the first time. You will hear and feel Michael's deep appreciation of the city in this episode.

Check back Thursday for Part 2, when Michael will really dig into his exposure to and involvement with music in SF and the Bay Area.

We recorded this podcast at The Ramp in May 2018.

Film photography by Michelle Kilfeather