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Storied: San Francisco

Jul 26, 2018

In this podcast, Ed Wolf talks about moving here and feeling like he was part of a community. Shortly after his arrival in San Francisco, that community was upended by AIDS.

Ed tells stories of his own relationship with the disease and he talks about an old roommate who was sick but found hope in an unusual place.

Here's the poem Ed mentions having written in this podcast:


When he's had a bad night
and there's nothing else to do
we talk about how
we could make it happen

Bob was given a phone number -
a guy
wearing a ski mask
will come to your house
and help you

We try to imagine:
placing the call
having a meal
changing the sheets
saying goodbye
leaving the front door ajar
going to separate rooms
hearing footsteps on the porch
in the hallway
passing by my room on the way to his
closing his door
opening a dark bag
setting him free.

Either way
we suppose
it will come like that.

With or without a mask.

Edward Wolf
September 17, 1994

If you missed them, please go back and listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of Ed's stories.

We recorded this episode at Ed's home in the Mission District in June 2018.

Film photography by Michelle Kilfeather