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Storied: San Francisco

Jan 31, 2023

Dontaye Ball has brought gumbo to San Francisco. Now, he's doing everything he can to make it this country's national dish.

In this episode, we meet Dontaye. Born and raised in The City, Dontaye has lived with gumbo just about his entire life. Often served at big family meals, he remembers fondly that while gumbo might've been the center of the culinary realm, it was always more about being with family, friends, and those he loved.

Started as a pop-up a few years back, in late-2022, Dontaye was able to secure a brick-and-mortar spot on Third Street near the neighborhood where he grew up. Gumbo Social is set to open this spring, and we can't wait.

In Part 1, Dontaye talks about the importance of gumbo and what it means to him. He tells us all about the crew he's assembled to assist him on this mission, including his two sons.

Until the spot on Third opens its doors, find Gumbo Social at the Sunset Mercantile market every Sunday. Tell 'em we sent ya!

Check back next week for Part 2 and more from Dontaye Ball. Special thanks to Kayla Anchell, who did sound design for this episode.

We recorded this episode at the future Gumbo Social on Third Street in the Bayview in December 2022.

Photography by Michelle Kilfeather