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Storied: San Francisco

Sep 13, 2022

Bear with us a moment. We're gonna go stats nerd on you.

As of the publication of this episode, the San Francisco Giants have played a total of 1,892 games at the stadium known these days as Oracle Park. Each of those games sees a minimum of 27 at-bats for Giants players. That leaves us with at least 51,057 chances for a hitter to send a home run ball into the waters of McCovey Cove. And it's happened a mere 97 times. That's something like a 0.19 percent chance that any batter will accomplish the feat.

And on the very day this July when we boarded the Canoecycle, lo and behold, we got a splash hit.

Hear all about it from the human in a kayak who got that Lamont Wade, Jr.'s, home run ball and more, as we present the second part of our podcast on McCovey Cove.

Photography by Michelle Kilfeather