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Storied: San Francisco

Nov 19, 2018

Welcome to Season 2 of Storied: San Francisco podcast. This season won't be too different from what you heard in Season 1. The changes are mostly cosmetic—new theme music, a new look for the website, that sort of thing. Michelle and I learned a lot the first year, and we hope to bring some fresh perspectives to this project.

Our theme this season is: What is it about this place? What draws people here, whether they visit, settle here, stay in the city for a time then pick up and move on, or are born and raised and stay ... there's something about this place, and through posing that question to another 49 storytellers, we hope to get to the heart of why we're all drawn to San Francisco.

​Like many of us, Melinda Uno moved to San Francisco. She moved to the Tenderloin. And she loves it.

For Melinda, a big part of it is the idea that you can be your true self here. In this episode, she talks about moving to San Francisco and eventually being part of the effort behind opening the Tenderloin Museum and the ways in which they help educate the public and celebrate the neighborhood, especially its part in women's history.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2, when Melinda will talk about meeting a group of bad-ass women motorcyclists and setting out on a ride across Mexico.

Film photography by Michelle Kilfeather