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Storied: San Francisco

Feb 12, 2019

Sonia Mansfield is the creator and co-host of Dorking Out Podcast. She grew up in Concord, but worked so much in San Francisco after college that she eventually decided to move here. She met David through mutual friends in 2008.

In this special Valentine's Day podcast, Sonia and David talk about growing up in the Bay Area. They describe their first date at The Broken Record, a bar in the Excelsior renowned for its strange and gut-busting food. The date went so well that they wanted to see each other again a few days later, and they talk about that second date, too.

Join us again Thursday to hear the story of getting married, Sonia's health, and the kid they decided to raise in the city.

We recorded this podcast at Barebottle Brewing in January 2019.

Film photography by Michelle Kilfeather