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Storied: San Francisco

Feb 19, 2019

Pete's parents met in San Francisco. He was born in Upper Haight, but his family moved to SoCal soon after that. Around 21, Pete migrated north to the area and started to drink here before eventually moving back to the city.

In this podcast, Pete, who bartends these days at Zeitgeist and Emperor Norton's Boozeland, talks about SF now vs. how things were in the 1990s—people are softer now, more passive-aggressive, he says. He talks about opening Hemlock Tavern in the early 2000s and just how great of a place it was until it closed in 2018.

Check back Thursday for Part 2, when Pete will talk about Bay Area sports teams.

We recorded this podcast at Emperor Norton's Boozeland in January 2019.

Film photography by Michelle Kilfeather