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Storied: San Francisco

Mar 28, 2019

One of the least interesting things about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is their name, but it's a damn good name.

In this podcast, Sister Mary Media tells the story of how a few young gay men decided to form a group based around performance, politics, charity, and spirituality. They came up with the memorable name, and the rest is history. Mary Media goes on to tell much of that history, a time spanning the last 40 years, including how she got her drag nun name.

If you missed Part 1 with Mary Media, please go back and listen. And for an even more in-depth history of the Sisters, go to their website.

Author Heather Jacks is publishing a book to commemorate the Sisters' 40th anniversary. The launch party for Sister Stories will be at Spark Arts in the Castro April 19–21. Check out the event page for more details.

And the Sisters will be back at Dolores Park on Easter (April 21) to celebrate their anniversary, bringing their annual Hunky Jesus contest back to where it started. This is something you do not wanna miss!

​We recorded this podcast at Sister Mary Media's house in Upper Haight in March 2019.

Film photography by Michelle Kilfeather