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Storied: San Francisco

Jun 18, 2019

​The theft of a Picasso in Australia. Getting framed by an old teacher. Cocaine shipments from South America. San Francisco cults in the 1970s. And someone playing the saxophone in the Panhandle on a random night in the early 1990s ...

All of these things are involved in the story of why Mission Creek houseboat resident Margaret Casey came to San Francisco—and why she stayed.

In this podcast, Margaret, who has owned her boat for a little more than eight years, shares all of these stories and describes the more savory characters around 16th Street and Valencia when she arrived in the city back in the day.

Check back Thursday for Part 2, when Margaret will talk about moving down to the creek.

We recorded this podcast on Margaret's houseboat, Battlestar Gloriana, in May 2019.

Film photography by Michelle Kilfeather