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Storied: San Francisco

Jul 23, 2019

North Beach is still alive. And one of its best and longest-lasting watering holes, Specs, is still a San Francisco treasure.

In this podcast, the current co-owner of the bar, Elly Simmons, tells the story of how her parents got together. Elly's dad, Richard "Specs" Simmons, and her mom, Sonia, met at Vesuvio across Columbus Street in 1952. It's a wild ride that takes us all over the neighborhood (and the country and city) in the 1950s.

Elly is raising money to help fund a documentary she's doing on her dad and the bar. To contribute, please head over to theGoFundMe page for Last Call: The Specs Film.

Join us Thursday for Part 2, when Elly will talk more about Specs and Sonia opening their bar, her childhood in San Francisco, and more.

Film photography by Michelle Kilfeather