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Storied: San Francisco

Aug 27, 2019

What if, in the early days of your new job, you were tasked with these two things: 1. Moving a fabled city's collection of thousands of historical records (official papers, photos, ephemera, etc.) to a new building, and 2. Essentially establishing and adding to that city's archives. That's what life was like for San Francisco city archivist Susan Goldstein back when the public library moved into its current building.

In this podcast, Susan talks in-depth about her work and our city's official archive. If you're half the history nerd that we are, get ready. And be sure to listen through to hear how you can experience the collection first-hand.

If you missed Part 1 with Susan, when she talked about her life leading up to the job at SFPL, please go back and listen.

Film photography by Michelle Kilfeather