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Storied: San Francisco

Aug 27, 2020

First it was punk rock. Then, dogs saved Pali Boucher's life.

In this podcast, Pali picks up where she left off in Part 1, with her return to San Francisco after a short time in LA. A teenager with bright red hair, she fell in with the SF punk scene, then in its very early days.

Pali describes a wild ride through addiction and eventually, getting sober. It was a rather circuitous route that led her back to dogs, but it happened, and out of that reconnection, Rocket Dog Rescue was born.

Like so many businesses these days, Rocket Dog could use your help. Please consider donating to this non-profit dog rescue today.

We recorded this podcast at Avedano's Meats in Bernal Heights in August 2020.

Photography by Michelle Kilfeather