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Storied: San Francisco

Oct 20, 2020

Temi Adamolekun moved to San Francisco sight unseen.

Temi was born in Lagos, Nigeria, but raised mostly in London. Her family visited their hometown often after their move to Europe, so Temi grew up with a good sense of where she was from despite her British upbringing.

After boarding school and university, she got a job at Condé Nast doing PR work. As a side hustle of sorts, she started making handbags, and through that, met the man she'd eventually marry.

The young couple had a chance to move to San Francisco and seized on it, sight unseen. That was a dozen or so years ago, and today, they're raising a child here in The City.

Please check back Thursday for Part 2, when Temi will talk about launching her own PR firm, her racial justice awakening, and the work she's been doing with REP CO.

​We recorded this podcast in Hayes Valley in October 2020.

Photography by Michelle Kilfeather