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Storied: San Francisco

Dec 23, 2020

In this episode, Ike picks up where he left off in Part 1. After a short time in Davis, he came back to The City and found work in a market at 16th and Mission. He would make sandwiches for himself on the job, and one day, a customer who caught a whiff of what Ike was cooking up asked for a very specific type of sandwich. It was the origins of his now-famous "dirty sauce."

Fast-forward a few years through various odd jobs. Ike was at a personal crossroads when he decided to open a breakfast and ice cream place in the Castro that also happened to make sandwiches. Ike's Place was born.

Eventually, the sandwiches Ike sold eclipsed all the other products, and expansion was on the horizon. Ike now has more than 50 sandwich shops located in several states.

We end this episode with Ike sharing his thoughts on San Francisco in the near future.

We recorded this podcast at Ike's Love and Sandwiches in the Tenderloin in November 2020.

Photography by Michelle Kilfeather