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Storied: San Francisco

Oct 31, 2023

In Part 3, Courtney tells us all about Alma deBretteville Spreckels, the San Francisco sugar baroness who built the Legion of Honor at Lincoln Park, the cemetery-turned-golf course in the northwest corner of The City. From there, we recount the history of the "Big Four" cemeteries, which were located in and around the intersection of Geary and Masonic.

Then we hand things over to Kathy McCall, director at the Presidio's San Francisco National Cemetery, one of two graveyards that remain in San Francisco today. Among notable burials there:

  • 38 Medal of Honor recipients
  • 450 Buffalo Soldiers
  • Maj. Dana Crissy
  • Lieut. John David Miley
  • Pauline Cushman Fryer
  • Phillip Burton
  • Maj. Gen. Robert Tryon Frederick
  • Maj. Gen. Frederick Funston

Check back next week for Part 4, the final podcast in this series. It will be all about the rich history of the pet cemetery, also located in the Presidio.

Photography by Michelle Kilfeather