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Storied: San Francisco

Feb 22, 2022

Arabella DeLucco was raised by a village.

In this podcast, we get to know Arabella, beginning with the story of her Filipino family. Her grandfather fled to the hills outside Manila during World War II, a story Arabella learned shortly before he died.

When she was 5, Arabella came to Los Angeles to live with aunts and uncles who were already there. It was a cramped house, but she was a happy kid who immersed herself in school. She was especially drawn to science, but soon discovered that she enjoyed the writing of scientific reports more than the science itself.

When she was in fourth grade, she moved to a much smaller town in New Jersey than she had been used to in Southern California. Junior high was tough for Arabella, both schoolwork-wise and also in terms of the racism she encountered. She ended up going to a small private high school that was a 40-minute train ride away. She loved the journey as much as she did the schoolwork itself. Arabella ended up the school's valedictorian.

She went to Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, and spent a lot of time in New York City after she turned 21. First, she was a spokesmodel for a beer company and later, she worked a journalism internship in the city. Arabella shares the story of seeing the first plane hit the World Trade Center on Sept. 11.

She moved to NYC after college and worked various journalism jobs, searching for her true calling.

Join us for Part 2 on Thursday, when we'll hear about Arabella's move to San Francisco and founding of WeXL, the non-profit that empowers diverse creators to tell stories over many different media.

​We recorded this podcast in Presidio at the WeXL media lab in February 2022.

Photography by Jeff Hunt