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Storied: San Francisco

Feb 14, 2019

​Sonia and David paid their San Francisco dues. The moved in with each other in the Dogpatch about a year into dating. Shortly after that, Sonia was diagnosed with cancer. Given their young relationship, she feared the worst. To her surprise, David proposed and rose to the task of helping with whatever his fiancée needed.

In this second part of our Valentine's Day podcast, the couple shares stories from those early years of being together. They had a baby a year into their marriage and made the conscious choice to raise their son in San Francisco. In the podcast, they talk about their introduction to public schools in San Francisco.

By the way, Sonia co-hosts Dorking Out Podcast and the two host Old Movies, New Beer. Please subscribe and listen to both shows.

We recorded this podcast at Barebottle Brewing in January 2019.

Film photography by Michelle Kilfeather