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Storied: San Francisco

Aug 25, 2020

Pali Boucher had what many would consider a wild childhood.

In this podcast, the Rocket Dog Rescue founder takes us on a colorful journey through her early years. Let's just say that her parents liked to party. Pali spent her first 10 years with her mom, moving all around the greater Bay Area (and even Mexico). After her mom died, she and her brother were separated when she went to live with her dad in Corte Madera. It was there that Pali started to realize her love of animals ... and especially, dogs.

She ends this episode talking about a short stint in LA, where she discovered punk rock and it saved her life.

Check back Thursday for Part 2, when Pali will talk about the nascent punk scene in San Francisco in the 1970s and starting her dog rescue non-profit.

We recorded this podcast at Avedano's Meats in Bernal Heights in August 2020.

Photography by Michelle Kilfeather